Wednesday, 26 October 2011

If your partner kisses your back, does that get you hotter, colder, or really no change at all

Just curious. I happen to be one who likes to kiss all over my partner's body, but I know some aren't into it.

How do you feel about your partner kissing your back, or is it more a gender thing (most Women like it, most Men don't)?

Thanks for adding to my sampling.
If your partner kisses your back, does that get you hotter, colder, or really no change at all
it doesn't make a much difference to me but i do like it and my bf enjoys it it a lot. he loves it!(:
If your partner kisses your back, does that get you hotter, colder, or really no change at all
soft kisses back of my neck ..does it for me
A bit of happiness,not cold at all.

Well... I can tell you that we both enjoy it.
I really like what you said. It would get me hotter. Sadly, it's been a long time. But yes I sure did enjoy it. hugs
My b/f and me love it...he likes the most when I bite it turns him on quick.
One bit of me responds to being kissed....not saying which bit though
Both of us enjoy it... Right now I don't enjoy being touched period...I feel really bad so maybe after the drugs wear off... And I'm threw with the anti-biotics I'll be in the mood
I find it most sensous and get aroused greatly if get kissed on my back. Actually I am for foreplay and enjoy it more than main act. I like to be kissed and bitten in back particularly lower back.
I got hot just reading the question. I'm very sensitive to touch, so it makes me hot of course.
Actually, I've done it to more women than have done it to me. What about equal rights?!
Kissing my back just tickles. I like it better when he softly breaths on my neck and lightly kisses my neck. OOohhh that's the best.
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  • Power of Good Intention?

    Some of your have heard or read about the effect of possessing such a belief/power which some philosophical minds argue is the key/shortcut for the few successful people who affect the the rest of society. Such minds claim it doesn't matter how old you are or what gender you are or what race you are. Does this work? How can you change your belief system to increase your success in your personal and profession life? For men, I'd have say it the mind, personality and character that wins peole and success. Being in shape, and physically healthy can help, but it's the mind that knows how to use such physical health to one's advantage. I would like to hear some success story.
    Power of Good Intention?
    Not sure if this the type of thing your looking for

    My dad had bone cancer and was only barely able to walk with severe pain. One day my mom slipped and fell. My dad got up and ran to help her. He was able to get to my mom before I was able to get out of my chair.

    How can I change the color of text using Javascript?

    This is my code:

    %26lt;script language=%26quot;javascript%26quot;%26gt;

    var FirstName=prompt(%26quot;Please Type Your First Name Here%26quot;);

    var LastName=prompt(%26quot;Please Type Your Last Name Here%26quot;);

    var ShoeSize=prompt(%26quot;Please Type In Your Shoe Size Here%26quot;);

    var Gender=prompt(%26quot;What Is Your Gender? (Male Or Female)%26quot;);

    document.write(%26quot;Your Name Is: %26quot; + FirstName + %26quot; %26quot; + LastName + %26quot;%26lt;br%26gt;%26quot;);

    document.write(%26quot;Your Shoe Size Is: %26quot; + ShoeSize + %26quot;%26lt;br%26gt;%26quot;);

    document.write(%26quot;Your Gender is: %26quot; + Gender + %26quot;%26lt;br%26gt;%26quot;);

    if (Gender == %26quot;Male%26quot; || %26quot;male%26quot;)


    document.write(%26quot;Your Luck Number Is: %26quot; + (FirstName.length + LastName.length) * ShoeSize);




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    I would like it so when the end result is shown on the screen where is says %26quot;Your Luck Number Is%26quot; for the answer to be in a different color. How would I do this?

    How can I change the color of text using Javascript?
    document.write(%26quot;Your Luck Number Is: %26lt;font color=\%26quot;red\%26quot;%26gt;%26quot; + (FirstName.length + LastName.length) * ShoeSize + %26quot;%26lt;/font%26gt;%26quot;);

    Men: What would you like to say to all women? (See Rules)?

    1. Be nice

    2. Be clean

    3. Be smart, I'm trying to improve the reputation of men

    I will start off:

    Thank you.

    Thanks for being the other gender.

    I would be miserable without you, but don't want to be you.

    Thanks for breaking my heart and inspiring my soul.

    Please don't ever change your ways. Take care of yourself and stay healthy, we %26quot;men%26quot; love you how you are. Please don't ever stop loving us.
    Men: What would you like to say to all women? (See Rules)?
    I wish you women had a sex drive like us.
    Men: What would you like to say to all women? (See Rules)?
    if you dident drive us nuts, we would not love you!

    How Do You Change The Color Of The Blue Bar, In Top Navigation? (On Myspace 2.0)?

    The blue bar that lists your age, gender, last login, etc. I need to know how to make it black, or simply just transparent.
    How Do You Change The Color Of The Blue Bar, In Top Navigation? (On Myspace 2.0)?
    explained here鈥?/a>

    Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner? ?

    Is all this ridiculous or not?


    How do you think restaurants should treat their customers with respect to gender?


    %26quot;TO Jenny Moon, the whole business of giving menus to women before men, taking orders from women before men and clearing women’s plates first just didn’t make sense, not in the East Village in 2008.

    So, as she readied Apiary for its recent opening there, she and other managers told servers not to sweat that sort of thing. And they made sure the restaurant’s order-tracking software followed suit.

    At most upscale restaurants such software lets servers note both the position at a table to which a dish is going and whether the diner is female, so the food’s couriers can plot to present dishes in a gender-conscious sequence.

    For instance, servers at some restaurants can electronically punch in “L” for “lady.” But Apiary installed its software without that option. Maybe a gentleman’s dish would be set down ahead of his female companion’s. Would anyone really care?

    Yes, as Ms. Moon said she learned when reading a customer comment card one night. “Serve ladies first!” it said.

    Ms. Moon, one of Apiary’s principal owners, wasn’t moved to change the software. But she did tell servers that they could and should start considering gender, at least sometimes.

    “Read the table,” she told them, “and if it seems like they would appreciate ladies being served first, just do it.”

    Whole article at:…

    Although the goal in many public places and in much of public life is to treat men and women equally, most upscale restaurants haven’t reached that point.
    Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner? ?
    That is what is great about a free market. A restaurant is not required to serve ladies first. Nor is anyone offended by serving males first required to visit the establishment.

    So this AKA feminist states:

    %26quot;Read the table,” she told them, “and if it seems like they would appreciate ladies being served first, just do it.”

    So she approves that the servers must prejudge people. That is even sicker than the original question.

    Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner? ?
    Wow do they really do that? How bizarely extreme to have a whole computer option for it! When I eat out with friends, it all just sort of gets plonked down at once - but next time I will watch more carefully. Very interesting :-)
    do they give the ladies menus witout prices

    ive seen that i didnt like it but i didnt say anything

    it made me feel special
    No ladies first. Let them wait their turn in restaurants and stand up on the bus and train like everybody else.
    Lol! Really? How ridiculous. I couldn't care whether I get my meal before or after my partner (so long as they arrive at roughly the same time so we can eat together). When we eat out mine certainly doesn't always come first.
    There needs to be an end to the 'serve ladies first'. End it now. Serve whoever's dinner is ready first, first. I am hoping that this old rule dies out soon.
    I don't care who gets their food first, as long as we can eat! What happened to the sense of priorities at this joint?
    In answering your question : I would say that a restaurant should serve it's customers, without taking gender into consideration. Once gender pops up in the busboy's mind or the customer's minds, then the accusations of bias arise.

    Yawn. Why are your questions always boring? And what's the point in asking a 250 line question where your actual question is just two lines?

    Edit : TD's for saying that restaurants shouldn't consider gender? NICE ! :-D
    Well, it's hard to get bent out of shape over this.

    As Miss Manners often says, the ways one is used to have a charm to them; violating them is jarring.

    Myself, I wouldn't notice, and didn't even realize there was a thing about serving females first.

    But, until the oldest generation is gone, there probably are a lot of people who care.

    Social life is different -- the little meaningless gestures are just that: meaningless.

    Noticing people's sex in the business world is the problem. (The example is social, since most people dine out to socialize; that is, the customers are engaged in social behavior, though the servers are doingbusiness.)
    I don't think enough people care about that nowadays, with perhaps the exceptions of seniors. And maybe I'm being ageist, but a brand new restaurant in the East Village doesn't seem like it's going to be a cluster spot for seniors. I think they should stick to their guns. Unless we actively take steps to get rid of this %26quot;ladies first%26quot; mentality, it won't go away.
    I really don't care who is served first, but I do not want to order wine and have it given to my husband for tasting and %26quot;approval%26quot;. I do not want to receive a menu without prices on it.

    I also have noticed that I get better service with my guy rather than a girlfriend if I am at a new place. I am a VERY generous tipper... especially if I go in somewhere alone (I know they need the tips)... it's sad that people would shoot themselves in the foot by treating me like they've already assumed I'm a bad tipper.
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  • Care to answer these baby name questions?

    1. What brings you to the baby name section on Yahoo! Answers?

    2. When did you start getting into baby names?

    3. How did you get into baby names?

    4. What are your top 5 names for each gender?

    5. When was the last time you changed your favorite name list?


    My Answers:

    1. I love baby names and I find them very interesting. it is a good way to pass time.

    2. I started getting really into baby names when I was 9.

    3. I was at my grandparents' house and we were discussing the meanings of names and the origins. I decided to look up the names of everybody in my family and it was very fun and interesting. I then started looking at different names and finding ones I liked and that is where it all began.

    4. I have not picked a top 5 list yet but I am going to do that today.

    5. Today I deleted all the names on my list and completely remade it. I just searched through all the names on and added all the ones I liked to my list.
    Care to answer these baby name questions?
    1. What brings you to the baby name section on Yahoo! Answers?

    Usually a question that catches my eye, normally because it says something like %26quot;Why does everyone think this name is awful%26quot; lol!

    2. When did you start getting into baby names?

    When hunting for a middle name for my first born.

    3. How did you get into baby names?

    Flicking through a baby names book when doing the above.

    4. What are your top 5 names for each gender?

    Oooh I don't know. I don't really have a list, more a few names I like. I have 3 sons so i'm sorted on the boys names. Okay i'll do it now.






    (cant think of a fifth)




    Angharad (Welsh name,means 'to love')

    Rebecca (What?? I like my name! lol)


    5. When was the last time you changed your favorite name list?

    My favourite names have always been the same.
    Care to answer these baby name questions?
    1. I love choosing baby names for people and giving opinions!

    2. just last year actually!

    3.My Aunt had a daughter and I helped name it!

    4.Girls: Christina, Hayley, Cassadee and Alana

    Boys:Aiden, Aaron, Hayden and Sonny

    5.Um like 2 months ago.
    Awesome answer babe, really awesome. . Enjoy your day.
    this is weird first of all.

    1. This question, although I do come here often cuz i like to hear new names and ideas

    2. when i was 12 or 13

    3. i watched kids for their parents and some of them had some real cool unique names

    4. idk this one is hard so im just going to throw some names out that i like.

    Girls: Ijmahri (pronounced amari) Bianca, Lee'Asiah, Annastacia, and Kira

    Boys: Ezra, Maciah, Isaiah,

    5. i have never had a list
    1. I like the questions and like seeing all the different names people pick out.

    2. When I started TTC.

    3. On Y!A.

    4. Girls:

    Aircelli Elana

    Annalise Lindsay

    Grace Marie

    Ava Grave

    Ayla Grace


    Issiah Marcus

    Mayson John

    Cezar Carlos

    Antonio Luis

    Bronx James.

    5. I havent. =]
    1. I love baby names, I just think it is fun, and don't get me into trouble. Haha.

    2. I started getting into baby names about 2 years ago, with my friend, Kendall.

    3. I was doing a school project on everyone's name in the class, and I found it really interesting, and that's how it happened for me.

    4. My top 5 names for a girl are:

    Caitlin Michelle

    Lily Summer

    Elodie Siobhan

    Sophia Kathleen

    Grace Isla

    ... And for a boy:

    Liam Jared

    Jack Weston

    Adam Riley

    Connor Stefan

    Lucas Seth

    5. I don't really change my list, I just add and take away names every now and then. The most recent to be taken off were:

    Gregory, Keegan, Ava %26amp; Everlie.

    The most recently added were:

    Liam, Adam, Cailin %26amp; Elodie.

    1. I've always liked baby names, and I like to help people come up with them and pick them out.

    2. I remember being 3 or 4, staying up when I was supposed to be in bed asleep (at 9 pm), and writing out what I wanted to name my son if I had one, by the hall light. I've always wanted kids, my biggest dream in life, I can't wait until I get married and have some of my own.

    3. I forget how I got into them, but I did, just happened.

    4. My favourites change all the time, I do have some definite set faves, mostly for if I have a little guy, but I'm trying to not get too attached to too many names. I want my future wife to have a say and help in the decision process too.

    5. I updated mine a little today, my top names haven't changed in about 2 years though, which is a record. Used to be, especially when I was in high school, I'd have new favourites every few months.

    1. I'm interested in baby names, and vaguely appalled at the new names that are cropping up these days.

    2. Probably a long time ago; I'm a writer, so names are a natural interest for me.

    3. See above.

    4. boys: Sullivan, Spencer, Charles, Cillian, and Marshall. girls: Vivienne, Cate/Kate, Catherine, Olivia, Elle.

    5. Yesterday.
    1. I guess you could say I have a little (big) obsession :P

    2. When I was approaching my preteen years, I think. About 11ish :)

    3. My mother had a baby name book from when she was pregnant with my brother Ethan, and I used to look through it, listing names I liked for story characters (writing is my passion). I vividly remember the first name combination I created - Lexi Belle - for a character from a story I was writing, called Possessed :)


    Serena; Delilah; Carolina; Vivienne; Annabelle

    Nathaniel; Sebastian; Hunter; Adam; Caden


    Yesterday, it needed cleaning up :) I removed some of the names I wasn't a fan of, and rearranged my favourite combinations.